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Welcome to Forged Nutrition.

We work, we play and our time to cook is always slim. We started meal prepping for the week nearly 3 years ago. We are working professionals and understand the time restraints that you run into trying to maintain a work schedule, a family life and trying to workout and stay active.

One of the things that we ran into was the lack of diversity in the food initially. Flexible Dieting allows you to be able to eat what you want as long as it fits in your macronutrients for the day. Chicken and Broccoli was really the only thing that we ate because we were afraid and knew that those together provide a very healthy and low calorie meal. However, that gets old very quickly.

As we have continued to flexible diet we have found the sky really is the limit. Learning how food affected your body lead me (Kyle) to get a Nutrition Consulting Certification so that I could help people diet and achieve their goals. However, sometimes you do not have the time to find and try different recipes and that’s where we want to help.

We provide calorie friendly, healthy portioned food that you can be confident in whether you are wanting to provide a healthy meal for your family, lose weight on a diet or put on muscle efficiently.

We have been doing Nutrition Coaching since 2016. One of the biggest issues that clients run into is knowing WHAT to eat while dieting. Well the honest answer is anything. But that makes people nervous. So to make things easier we are now offering a full meal prep service, weekly meal planning and nutrition coaching.

The way Forged Nutrition Meal Prep works is you’ll place your order Monday through Friday at noon. Depending on your location by zip code is when you’ll be able to pick up your food at our location. You’ll know well in advance which day you’ll be picking up and an official statement will be made advising which days will be available for each zip code.

You can choose 1, 2 or all 3 of the services that we provide to make you dieting, life and fitness journey easier and more manageable.

I’m Ready To Make A Change!

What We Provide

We provide macro friendly, minimally processed, great tasting food. The one thing that we have made sure is that you have lunch or you have dinner not just food to eat. There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day and knowing you have a meal in the fridge; not dreading the food you have to eat or the time it’s going to take to prepare it.

You can purchase individual, prepackaged meals that have a solid balance of protein and carbohydrates while keeping your fat low or you can buy in bulk and build the meals yourself. You will not be disappointed either way.

Forged Nutrition Coaching

You may have seen macro counting on social media tagged as IIFYM. You’ll have individualized numbers in each of the 3 macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats.

We help provide detailed dieting consulting whether you’re looking to lose weight or lean bulk. That stretches from those who want their abs out for the summer to those just looking to lose a few pounds and be healthier. Regardless of your goals we can help you get to them.

Already know what you need to intake for the week to help reach your goals but not sure what you need to eat to get there? That’s where we step in. We can custom program you weekly meals so that you’ll know how much to eat at each meal.

While this option does not provide Nutrition Coaching nor does it provide food, it will help reduce the stress of figuring out what you need to it in order to be successful.

Meal Prep

Individual Meals

Forged Nutrition Sesame Chicken Bowl

Each meal was thought about, tested and then retested. We wanted to make sure that the meals built off the philosophy that we have about maintaining your diet not just crash dieting to slowly gain the weight back. You build your own meals. Depending on your choices each has approximately 4oz of a your protein choice and either 4 or 6oz of  your carbohydrate choice and 3oz of your vegetable choice

Buy In Bulk

Forged Nutrition Buffalo Ranch Chicken

Sometimes you would just prefer to break your food down into the portion sizes that you prefer. This option is for you. As your order grows in lbs your amount per pound will decrease.

As we were deciding what flavors we would be offering we wanted to make sure that the taste was there. The last thing you want is something bland. Each seasoning or sauce has been thought out to be the most calorie and macronutrient friendly that we can make them without sacrificing too much of the flavor.

The Sesame Chicken has carbohydrates in the sauce. We could have cut out the majority of these calories using sweetening substitutes but at the end of the day the food doesn’t always need to be a grind to eat. Sometimes the added calories (which are still minimal!) can be the thing that changes a meal from “ok” to “great”. We think we’ve accomplished that with all of our offerings. Check the reviews that we’ve been getting about the meals and their flavor.

All orders placed through the week will be available to pick up on Saturdays or Sundays depending on your location.


I’ve tried just about every pre-cooked meal plans out there. This is by far the best pre-cooked food I’ve ever tasted. This is the type of food I would cook myself if I had time. It’s healthy and delicious, a must try.
Ashley Ward
Getting older has meant longer work days and traveling much more with the kids in Sports. It has been so difficult to pre-make meals for the week, therefore, eating out choosing the wrong foods became so easy…so has adding weight. After learning of Forged, and giving it a try, we have been so thrilled with the outcome!!! Pre-made delicious, fresh, and low calorie meals right at out fingertips!!! My family and I are so thankful for the ease as we grab a meal out of the fridge every day. All the meals are fully cooked and ready to heat, not to mention the price is reasonable! We will continue to do our business with Forged Nutrition!!!
Amy Jared
Forged Nutrition has completely changed the game up when it come to meal prep. Not only have they taken the hassle out of the time consuming prep work, the food is absolutely phenomenal. I love the variety and how everything always taste like it’s straight from a 5 start restaurant. Ordering and and recieving the meals is extremely simple. Definitely the best around.
Nathan Swallows

Flexible Dieting | IIFYM | RFFYM

Nutrition Coaching

The Foundations

We want to help you take control of your nutrition, understand why you should and change the relationship you have with food. Your individual nutrition program will be tailored to fit your goals, whether aesthetics or performance based. Because this program is built to cater to your goals, you will not only see what it takes to change your body, but you will also learn how and why this method works for the long haul. This is much more than a temporary solution!

There is a lot of information floating around the internet that is confusing. Headlines like “Insert: The Newest Diet Fad”, “6 Days To A 6 Pack”, and “Eat These 5 Foods To Lose Belly Fat” riddle the newsstands at the supermarket and are plastered all over our favorite training websites.

Those things are obtainable but you have to first understand the importance of using food for fuel. When you make the decision to change you have to understand the importance of changing what you eat. Eating whole, minimally processed foods for the majority of daily intake has to be the first change that you make, and we want to help you through the process.

Our focus is on Flexible Dieting. By using the IIFYM mindset you have control over what you eat and it allows you to not be so restrictive like so many other diets require. Getting in whole foods is so important. It ensures that you are getting the micronutrients, minerals and other sources of nutrients that our body requires. However, by using the flexible dieting principles we can get those foods that we love so much, like donuts, without having a crazy “cheat day.”

Forged Nutrition Coaching | Flexible Dieting | IIFYM

Counting macronutrients, or macros, is how we teach you to track your daily food consumption using flexible dieting. Whether you want to eat Paleo, Vegan, or anything in between, that is up to you. The flexibility is endless, and because of that, it’s much easier to adhere to the plan.

Being active plays a huge part in this as well. While we are focusing on our nutrition here, we are trying to change ourselves from a wholistic standpoint. It’s not just about looking good, but it’s also about feeling good. So in saying that, As long as you are moving and being consistent, change will happen.

Please use the “signup” button below. The option for Nutrition Coaching is not in the Shop.


Created Perfectly For You!

Your Nutrition Goals

Your nutrition programming will be tailored for you. This isn’t one-size-fits-all nutritional programming. We want to make sure that your numbers are exactly that, your numbers.


Accountability That You Can Trust!

Coaching to Get You Through

One of the biggest issues we run into while training and dieting is the lack of accountability. That’s why you’re joining Forged. You may not want to eat all those donuts.

24/7 Communication

Maybe The Most Important Aspect!

Providing Real Feedback

Being able to ask questions and receive constructive responses is the key to growth. We want to see you not only grow in you nutrition but also in your discipline as well.

Eat What You Want

You Just Have To Hit Your Macros!

Donuts | Pizza | Kale

The great thing about flexible dieting is that there isn’t restriction on what you eat, only how much of it you do. As long as you hit your macro numbers, you will succeed.

Establish Goals

And Exceed Them!

Not Giving Up

So many people set goals but rarely attain them. Life happens and we slowly fall away from where we really want to be. Not with Forged, we’re going to shatter all goals.

Establish Discipline

It's Tough But Necessary!

Making Routines Last

Creating discipline in one part of your life will eventually bleed over into others. By becoming disciplined in your nutritional approach you’ll soon see it in other aspects of life

What Happens When You Pick Which Option You Want?

  • You’ll answer a quick questionnaire going over some of the basic information that will be needed for me to move forward with you

  • You will then be redirected to PayPal for payment.

  • Once payment is complete you’ll be sent to a longer questionnaire that will provide the information needed to set up your individualized programming.

  • Within 2 days of submission you will receive your individualized nutrition program with the Forged Welcome Packet and weekly check-in day.


  • You will check-in every week on your body weight, macros, measurements and anything else from the previous week.

  • We will watch, together, as you hit your GOALS!

Quick Set-up

$501 Time

3 Month's Coaching


1 Month Coaching

$1201 Time
I’m Ready! I Want To Join

Weekly Meal Planning

So you already have an idea of what you need to be eating based on calories and or macronutrients but you’re having a hard time putting together a daily or weekly menu. You’ve made it to the right place. There’s really no correct way to get the food in only the way you prefer. No one wants a menu comprised of foods that you do not like. Let us help.

Our weekly meal planning option will provide you with the exact foods and weights so that you can hit your dieting goals with ease. There’s no need to search around, waste time and ultimately fall right back to chicken, rice and broccoli that has no flavor. Because we have been doing this for a long time we can help put together a menu that not only is full of nutritious foods but we will also help you work in some of those “cheat snacks” that you just can’t get rid of. Dieting doesn’t have to dreadful and we understand that.

You’ll get a breakdown of your daily intake based on the calorie or macronutrients that you give us. With this you’ll have the option to give us some feedback on foods you like or foods you’d like to eat and we will populate your individual menu with this information and hand you a monthly breakdown. It takes some time to figure out what you need. Let us handle what you’re going to eat so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love.