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Dieting isn’t easy. It’s not something that our bodies are created to do and that’s why it is so difficult to stick with. That’s where we step in. We want to help you find the balance between dieting and your daily life by providing 1-on-1 nutrition coaching using Flexible Dieting and IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros).

Whether you’re a new mom, a weekend warrior or wanting to compete at the highest levels we can help you reach your goals. Dieting isn’t one size fits all; however, understanding macronutrients and how your body uses them can be. As your life and goals change so will your diet. That’s what we do. Educate, empower and share in your successes.

What you eat when you’re losing weight cannot be the same as when you’re maintaining it. Not giving up when the scale stalls and understanding why the number went up is crucial to success. Join now and let us help get you to the place that you’ve always wanted.

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The Foundations

There is a lot of information floating around the internet that is confusing. Headlines like “Insert: The Newest Diet Fad”, “6 Days To A 6 Pack”, and “Eat These 5 Foods To Lose Belly Fat” riddle the newsstands at the supermarket and are plastered all over our favorite training websites.

Those things are obtainable but you have to first understand the importance of using food for fuel. When you make the decision to change you have to understand the importance of changing what you eat. Eating whole, minimally processed foods for the majority of daily intake has to be the first change that you make, and we want to help you through the process.

Our focus is on Flexible Dieting. By using the IIFYM mindset you have control over what you eat and it allows you to not be so restrictive like so many other diets require. Getting in whole foods is so important. It ensures that you are getting the micronutrients, minerals and other sources of nutrients that our body requires. However, by using the flexible dieting principles we can get those foods that we love so much, like donuts, without having a crazy “cheat day.”

Forged Nutrition Coaching | Flexible Dieting | IIFYM

Counting macronutrients, or macros, is how we teach you to track your daily food consumption using flexible dieting. Whether you want to eat Paleo, Vegan, or anything in between, that is up to you. The flexibility is endless, and because of that, it’s much easier to adhere to the plan.

Being active plays a huge part in this as well. While we are focusing on our nutrition here, we are trying to change ourselves from a wholistic standpoint. It’s not just about looking good, but it’s also about feeling good. So in saying that, As long as you are moving and being consistent, change will happen.

Forged Nutrition gave me my life back. They’ve helped turn me into the man I wanted to be. If you’re looking to make life changes and get yourself into the best physical shape you can, I cannot recommend Forged Nutrition enough.
Derik Zooashkiyani Testimonial Forged NutritionDerik
Being able to make your body look like you want it to can be difficult. I wanted to prove to myself that I could look like I want but also show people that with hard work and dedication you can eat what you want and look like you want.
Leah Price Results Forged NutritionLeah

Flexible Dieting | IIFYM | RFFYM

Nutrition Coaching

We want to help you take control of your nutrition, understand why you should and change the relationship you have with food. Your individual nutrition program will be tailored to fit your goals, whether aesthetics or performance based. Because this program is built to cater to your goals, you will not only see what it takes to change your body, but you will also learn how and why this method works for the long haul. This is much more than a temporary solution!

You may have seen macro counting on social media tagged as IIFYM. You’ll have individualized numbers in each of the 3 macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates and fats. These will be subject to change based on your progress. You’ll be fueling your body in a way that allows muscles to grow and fat to disappear. Understanding how to fuel your body properly will help you become leaner and boost your athletic performance.

Over time you’ll gain the tools and understanding you need to continue on your journey and meet new goals!


Created Perfectly For You!

Your Nutrition Goals

Your nutrition programming will be tailored for you. This isn’t one-size-fits-all nutritional programming. We want to make sure that your numbers are exactly that, your numbers.


Accountability That You Can Trust!

Coaching to Get You Through

One of the biggest issues we run into while training and dieting is the lack of accountability. That’s why you’re joining Forged. You may not want to eat all those donuts.

24/7 Communication

Maybe The Most Important Aspect!

Providing Real Feedback

Being able to ask questions and receive constructive responses is the key to growth. We want to see you not only grow in you nutrition but also in your discipline as well.

Eat What You Want

You Just Have To Hit Your Macros!

Donuts | Pizza | Kale

The great thing about flexible dieting is that there isn’t restriction on what you eat, only how much of it you do. As long as you hit your macro numbers, you will succeed.

Establish Goals

And Exceed Them!

Not Giving Up

So many people set goals but rarely attain them. Life happens and we slowly fall away from where we really want to be. Not with Forged, we’re going to shatter all goals.

Establish Discipline

It's Tough But Necessary!

Making Routines Last

Creating discipline in one part of your life will eventually bleed over into others. By becoming disciplined in your nutritional approach you’ll soon see it in other aspects of life

What Happens When You Click Join?

  • You’ll answer a quick questionnaire at the bottom of this page going over some of the basic information that will be needed for me to move forward with you

  • You will then be redirected to PayPal for payment.

  • Once payment is complete you’ll be sent to a longer questionnaire that will provide the information needed to set up your individualized programming.

  • Within 2 days of submission you will receive your individualized nutrition program with the Forged Welcome Packet and weekly check-in day.


  • You will check-in every week on your body weight, macros, measurements and anything else from the previous week.

  • We will watch, together, as you hit your GOALS!

This is a 3 Month Minimum Commitment

The cost is $80 $64 (20% off your monthly fee for the life of the membership when you sign-up through January) USD per month.

I’m Ready! I Want To Join

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